Mirror X 

Our  unique PhotoBooth 

takes photo booth fun to a whole New Level. 

The Full-Length Mirror from MooreThanA Creation is an amazing addition to any event. It offers a sleek design, user-friendly interface, and a variety of interactive features to keep guests engaged and entertained. With voice guidance and gesture and movement detection, guests can interact with the mirror for a unique and memorable experience. 

Additionally, it provides touch-based photo-signing, emoji stamping, interactive contests, social games and colorful photo countdowns. To top it off, the Canon DSLR camera also provides professional-grade photographs and videos with an adjustable orientation that can capture any audience size. With its two built-in speakers and two built-in strobe flashes providing up to 200 watt-seconds of power, it is sure to perfectly illuminate the scene. All of these features combined make the Full-Length Mirror from MooreThanA Creation the perfect addition to any event.

Wow, that sounds amazing! 

It's incredible that the multi-touch interface allows up to 10 people to interact with the mirror at once, and that the transparency quality of the glass produces such crystal clear graphics. The in-glass led ring to guide participants to the camera lens is also a great feature. Not to mention the professional photo booth software which allows users to share online, and even includes custom GIF animations and video. Plus, if you have a certain look or experience you want to achieve, we can provide custom backdrops, start screens, Green Screen, and more. This is an incredible, interactive experience that your guests will love.

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