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Our mission at Moore Than A Creation PhotoBooth is to

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To excecute this vision seamlessly and consistently.

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Our services include everything you need to create everlasting memories for Weddings, Day Parties,

Private Parties, Graduations, BBQS

(Backyard events), Baby Showers, Trunk Parties,

Proms, Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s, Business Dinners, Networking Events,Product Launches, Holiday Parties, Seminars, Charity Events, Trade Shows and more!


Our friendly, knowledgeable, energetic staff will make sure your guests are entertained. We will ensure your memories can be cherished forever! No event is too big or too small. Our hands on approach and dedication will make your event a huge success!


Mirror X Photo Booth Service

Our  unique Mirror X Booth

takes photo booth fun to a whole New Level. 


The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, 

communicating with guests through a touch screen of vibrant colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance, gesture and movement detection, touch-based photo-signing, emoji stamping, engaging interactive contests, social games, colorful photo countdowns, more.


At MooreThanACreation we capture professional-grade photographs and videos with a Canon DSLR camera. 


It is easily adjustable orientation can capture any kind of audience size;  it be single, couple, or even large groups  (up to 50 people in one shot).


It also has 2 BUILT-IN SPEAKERS that are mounted in the base of the photo booth with 


2 BUILT-IN STROBE FLASHES That are mounted on top of the Mirror X Booth, hidden from

sight. Both strobe flashes combined provide up to 200 watt-seconds of power to perfectly illuminate the scene.  


MULTI-TOUCH INTERFACE allows up to 10 participants to interact with the mirror simultaneously.

The transparency quality on glass produces crisp, crystal clear graphics for participants at your event to engage with. 


We have a in-glass led ring guides the participant to look directly into the camera lens as It captures the photo. 


Add innovative professional photo booth software that makes it fun and easy to share on social media or email, and now you have a party. 

Add custom GIF animations, shoot real video, choose form 100’s of green screen backgrounds.


If you have a particular look or experience We can customize your experience with your own custom backdrops, custom start screens, Green Screen, GIF/Boomerang. 


We offer a huge selection of optional add-on features and customizations with our photo booths to make your event even more special. 


Have something in mind that isn't listed here? Contact us & we'll do our very best to make it happen.